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About Women's Ski Jackets from The North Face:

Admit it – while you need a cozy ski jacket that will protect you from the cold while you’re racing down the slopes, looking good while you’re out there is just as important. Because time spent at a ski resort isn’t spent exclusively on yours skis, so it’d be pretty great to have a jacket that does a good job of mixing fashion with form. As always, The North Face has pulled together an unbeatable collection of women’s jackets, the perfect solution for those who wish to look their best while they’re making their best time down the hill.

This is Choose Your Own Adventure: Ski Jacket Style, as you can decide which way to handle the cold, outdoor temps. A number of the jackets above are filled with The North Face’s revered, patented insulation technology, keeping you as warm as you can handle. Not as worried about warmth and more into that whole versatility thing? TriClimate jackets are going to be right up your alley, giving you three different jackets in one. Witness the merging a softshell and a fleece jacket into one mega-warm hybrid coat, which may or may not break all laws of jacket physics. But what do we know, we aren’t jacket scientists.

What we do know is that, along with bringing just as much warmth as you see fit, these ski jackets are ready to handle everything else you need out there. No, it won’t make you mimosas for some serious day drinking, but having a waterproof jacket means you can spill those drinks without consequence. And then grab your gear and take it with you, because having dedicated pockets for things like media and goggles means you never again have to put off rocking those Phil Collins jams on your iPod while rocking your favorite pair of eye-wear. No matter which ski jacket you end up with, The North Face will make sure your next alpine run is your best one yet. Well, actually they can’t guarantee that, but it’ll probably be true. Probably.