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About The North Face Jackets and Coats for Women:

There are dozens of reasons why women’s The North Face jackets are so popular year after year. If we had to give one main reason for this it would be that they are incredibly versatile. Seriously, there just might be a coat for any outdoor activity you could possibly come up with. Seriously, think of an activity. We’ll wait.

Got one? An undie’s run 5k? Yeah, you’re covered, literally. No matter what your need is, The North Face offers a women’s jacket that feels like it’s been designed just for you. You’ll never have to question its performance because The North Face is infamous for their durability, versatility and high-quality materials. Fuzzy fleece, down and synthetic insulation, and water-resistant shells are just a few of the offerings to choose from.

From fall fleece, springtime raincoats to winter parkas, there is a jacket for each season. Perfect for layering or wearing on its own, it’s easy to transition from snowy slopes to the city and from warm temps to cold temps. No need to worry about bulk as these jackets are designed with a woman’s shape in mind to give you flattering contours while still keeping you protected. Hoods can cover helmets and eyewear without interfering mobility or visibility. Need to pack as little as possible? The North Face has it again with compressible coats that can pack into their own pockets. Comfortable, dependable, practical and stylish are just a few of the ways to describe the jackets and hoodies above. Whether you want a hoodie to lounge in during your epic road trip or a tri-climate jacket to match the temps at your campsite, The North Face has got your back.

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