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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the different types of jackets offered by The North Face?

The North Face features a variety of jackets to suit a wide range of needs for comfort and protection in any type of climate. For colder climates, customers can choose from down insulated and synthetic insulated jackets, providing reliable warmth with added durability. When it's raining or snowing, the waterproof shells are an ideal choice to prevent wetness and keep the elements out while on adventures. For consumers looking for something more lightweight, The North Face innovative air-permeable designs allow airflow to help regulate body temperature, allowing individuals to be active regardless of air temperature. Finally, their fleece line offers insulation and warmth in little packages that can be easily layered under coats or worn by themselves during mild days.

How do I size The North Face Jackets?

The best way to ensure you get the right size for you is to take the proper measurements, including in the chest/bust, waist, hips and arms. Then compare your measurements to the provided Size Guides on the jacket’s individual product pages. You’ll also want to think about what sort of fit you want. Jackets come in three different fit types – Slim, Standard, and Relaxed. Relaxed fit jackets generally hang away from the body and can be worn over heavy mid-layers, whereas slim fit jackets have a closer-to-body-fit and offer more body contouring. Check the Product Specifications section of the jacket’s product page to see what fit it comes in.

What jacket length is right for me?

The perfect length jacket for you depends on a few factors such as your body shape and personal style. You can opt for a knee-length coat that generally adds an element of classic sophistication to your attire. For petite figures, a hip-length or waist-length look is more ideal as knee-length coats may dwarf your frame. Alternatively, if you are taller, a slightly longer option like a thigh length could also work well depending on how long the rest of the pieces in your outfit are. Ultimately, decisions regarding what looks best should be left up to personal preference — it's ultimately about finding what makes you feel comfortable and confident.

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