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About The North Face Women's Fleece Jackets and Coats:

First, an apology: This page used to say something about the essential items a lady would take with herself to a desert island. The items were chocolate cake, a Sleepless in Seattle DVD, and your North Face women’s fleece. Is that list sexist? Is it wildly presumptive on perceived gender roles? Is it indicative of a gradual decline in overall understanding of the female mind?

Who knows. What we do know is its pretty stupid to suggest you bring a DVD when you don’t even have access to a DVD player. Oh, and the other thing is this: You can’t go wrong with a North Face fleece jacket, no matter the situation.

Why is this? Consider the fact that The North Face has built their activewear empire on the back of tremendous fleece jackets just like the selections above – wildly comfortable pieces of light outerwear that are as versatile as they are incredibly stylish. These things look good, and you’re able to wear them in a wealth of different situations. Looking to have a great casual jacket for around the house lounging? North Face fleece works great at keeping you cozy while you take it super easy. Or maybe you want to bring a little extra warmth to those trips to the cider mill – that cozy fleece will act as a light insulator, allowing you to stay out there that much longer. Cider and donuts are pretty well matched with a first-rate fleece.

Will a women’s North Face fleece work well on a desert island? Couldn’t hurt – those nights are bound to get incredibly chilly. And hey, don’t forget about the chocolate cake. Wait, you wouldn’t have anything to wash it down with, right? Might as well throw it in the dumb ocean. At least you have your women’s North Face fleece jacket.