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About The North Face for Women:

The North Face has been turning out superior outerwear for the last fifty years, helping lead an industry by making some of the most technologically advanced gear on the planet. But high tech isn’t everything, and looking great while conquering the elements is just as important. The women’s collection by The North Face is the perfect blend of outdoor chic and complete dependability. Why not look your best while you’re doing your best work?

Possibly the most renowned facet of The North Face’s women’s line are their celebrated fleece jackets, one of the most recognized pieces of women’s outerwear for decades. And for good reason: outside of being one seriously great looking piece of attire, The North Face fleece jacket is quite possibly the most versatile coat of all time. Perfect for layering, it’s a great accent to add to an existed outfit, giving you that extra amount of warmth. Or maybe you’re planning a trek in the slightest of slight cold weather – these fleece jackets are a perfect singular companion on a mild, chilly day.

And while The North Face is most well known for their fleece, their women’s collection has plenty of other gems throughout. Their hoodies are known for packing in a maximum level of comfort, while their parkas give you a tremendous amount of coverage where you need it most. These items, along with their pullovers, all take advantage of their weather-beating technology. You can rely on being adaptable when you need to be, with a number of different features at your disposal. Whether you’re depending on premium insulation to keep the warmth in, or maybe the ability for quick drying so you can keep moving without a hitch. Moisture wicking is prevalent as well, meaning you might not even need to worry about the quick drying thing (though it’s there if you want it).

Before you plan your next hiking adventure, or book your time for a weekend long skiing extravaganza, take a good look at all the women’s North Face collection has to offer. Their sturdy, resourceful gear will give you the perfect backpack companion to your now-perfect outfit. Women’s North Face from head to toe? You can make it happen, right here.

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