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About North Face Windwall Jackets:

Fleece is awesome. On that, I am sure we can all agree. How can you make fleece more awesome? Make it windproof. The North Face Windwall is, by definition, awesome windproof fleece. The people at The North Face have created two kinds of Windwall fleece. They're named Windwall 1 and Windwall 2, and these awesome materials have been made into windproof jackets, pullovers, vests and gloves. The North Face Windwall 1 is 100g fleece rated for 14 cubic feet per minute per square meter (CFM). The higher the CFM rating of fabric the more wind passes through. Like golf and bowling, the lowest score is the best! Windwall 2 fleece jackets set the bar even higher with a rating of 10 CFM without sacrificing any of the breathability.

Women can buy Windwall jackets in both Windwall 1 and Windwall 2 materials. The North Face also features Windwall vests and gloves in the Windwall 1 fabric. Men can also buy Windwall 1 and Windwall 2 fleece jackets, Windwall vests and gloves. Both the jackets and vests are great for layering under a hard shell to create an extra warm barrier from the elements.

If you are a parent, or a really smart kid with access to the internet and an interest in outdoor apparel you don't have to feel left out. The North Face also offers Windwall fleece jackets in kids' sizes. Dress your little one in these stylish jackets, and rest assured that little Tommy and Tina are not only fashionable but comfortable in gusty weather.