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About The North Face Vests:

Sleeves are the worst. Well, maybe not the literal worst; after all, there are things like war and cockroaches and warm beer, but why feel restricted when you can let those guns hang free? A little bit less is a whole lot more in the case of North Face vests, where you can add a little extra versatility into your wardrobe with the North Face styles and tech you’ve come to love and admire. But, you know, without those pesky sleeve things.

Just because you’re going full vest doesn’t mean you’re looking to lack in the warmth department. Consider the ThermoBall from the North Face, featuring patented synthetic insulation alongside a breathable, light fabric. There’s always the classic Denali, best known for being a flagship North Face style with a look that’s imitated but never beat. All of the best North Face styles are a part of their vest collection, giving you the opportunity to find one that fits you in more way than one.

Let’s be real: These vests are great for some quality casual-looking good-ness. But, let’s say you want to get some quality hiking or climbing happening while you’re rocking your sleeveless look. This is absolutely no problem, as the North Face builds all their apparel with your active life in mind. No matter whether you’re just trying to look good or conquer the entirety of the world, these vests are built to be your sleeveless companion.

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