The North Face Softshell Jackets

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About The North Face Softshell Jackets:

Do folks out there love their softshell jackets from The North Face? It’s totally possible that the word “love” isn’t quite strong enough – imagine there was a word just like “love”, but bigger and stronger, and that’s probably the word you’d use to describe how wearers would describe their incredibly versatile softshell jackets. The North Face happens to know a thing or two about crafting outerwear that kicks ass throughout the outdoors, and their softshell jackets are a great example of attire that can do just that - and more. Casual and comfortable for around-the-house wear or warmer seasons, these jackets double down on functionality as they’re able to withstand the annoyances that are inherent to living it up outdoors all year round.

We’re probably not alone in believing that wind is the worst - and it never needs to bother you again, not when you zip into some premium windproof action. The North Face uses patented material like their ClimateBlock fabric to block out that pesky wind completely, giving you a 0 CFM rating to ensure you’re working with 100% windproof action. Brisk winds won’t be an issue, and neither will light rain or snow – that fabric is treated with durable water repellent, meaning unwelcome precipitation is bound to roll right off. Unpredictable weather ahead? Bring it on.

The softshells you find above are tremendous at adding some extra warmth without getting you too warm. Just right to keep you cozy without overheating, these jackets make a great addition to those who seek adaptability in their wardrobe, in no smart part thanks to a tremendous amount of breathability. Feel like simply holding off that wind and rain? Rock it solo. Want to amp up the overall warmth? Easily layered thanks to being cut with extra lining in mind, adding in some extra heat is simply not a problem.

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