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About The North Face Sleeping Bags:

We’d like to think it’s possible for us to agree on something here: Sleep is the best. Like, not even kidding a little bit – if it were possible to buy sleep and horde it, we probably would. But considering how that’s not even a remote possibility, we’ll just need to ensure the sleep we get every evening is of the absolute best in quality. Getting your snooze on while you’re out camping can get in the way of this just a bit, so getting into premium sleep gear could be your best bet. That’s why these North Face sleeping bags are some of the best ever built, working to give you a better sleep while you’re out there roughing it.

Comfort should never be an issue. It’s less than ideal to drag a king-sized bed out to the middle of the campsite, so why not look towards a more convenient solution, one that still gives you a welcome degree of comfort? The North Face builds their sleeping bags with this in mind, ensuring their sleeping bags are supremely comfortable, approaching that home-away-from-home territory.

But comfort doesn’t just mean they’re nice to lay on, as The North Face has incorporated a number of helpful touches to make sure every part of that precious sleep is protected. Cold temperatures on the way? Look to high-fill down to ensure the warmth stays right where it belongs, with the chill of lousy temperatures forced to stay out. The down lining and the sleeping bag’s outer fabric are all treated with DWR – durable water repellent – making sure that unwelcome precipitation never gets where it doesn’t belong.

No matter if you’re looking to do a little star gazing through the summer or put up with the coldest of cold temps during a blistering winter, The North Face sleeping bags will keep you properly covered.

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