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About The North Face Pants:

You know what's a little weird? Browsing through websites and seeing photos of pants made by The North Face that look like they're in action, except there's nobody in them. It's like an honest-to-goodness ghost is wearing the pants, or like they're magic pants. Or maybe possessed? Who knows, it’s not that big of a deal - what is a big deal is that The North Face makes killer pants that do a better-than-average job of throwing your active outfit into gear.

Did we say better-than-average? We meant better-than-ever – a whole lot of goodness is on the table here, with different pairs for different adventures. Expecting less-than-stellar temperatures on that next climb? A pair of insulated pants should do the trick, featuring a healthy amount of Heatseeker insulation that’ll help keep that warmth exactly where it needs to be, forcing the chill of cold weather to stay on the outside. Tack on some water repellent material – DWR, or durable water repellent is your new best friend – forcing light rain and snow to roll right off of you.

But maybe warmth isn’t an issue at all; in fact, you’re going to be super warm on your next adventure. There’s plenty above that’ll subtract the insulation and give you an incredibly functional softshell, one that still includes a welcome amount of weather-besting qualities. Really want to work in some old fashioned air conditioning? Work in some convertible pants, allowing you to zip down to shorts in a moment’s notice.

Quick drying and packable? Moisture wicking and waterproof? Yeah, that all sounds pretty good. Prepare to take the hiking trail head on. Or leg first. Whatever works, right?

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