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The North Face Oso

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The North Face Girls' Oso Hoodie
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The North Face
Girls' Oso Hoodie

$73.99 - $98.95
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The North Face Girl's Oso Hoodie
  • PINK

The North Face
Girl's Oso Hoodie

From $55.99   $98.95
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About The North Face Oso Series:

Here’s a little FYI for you: Did you know that the word “oso” is Spanish for "bear?" Pretty fun fact and very much exciting to grow that vocabulary a little bit, but let’s take it down a notch - this jacket is not made out of bear fur. They don’t really do stuff like that anymore, even if it feels like it might be made out of teddy bear fur. And no, it will not help you blend in with a pack of bears nor give you any advantage during a straight up human-bear confrontation. Regardless of that relative disappointment, there’s some good news to be had here. The North Face Oso line is all about incredibly comfort and style, giving you a versatile and comfortable piece of outerwear to better tackle the elements.

Here’s the thing: The Oso jacket by The North Face will be as soft and cuddle-inviting as your teddy, with the hoodie and hand warmer pocket features keeping you as warm as an honest-to-goodness Kodiak. But really, other than that, there will be no relationship between you and an actual bear.

Thinking things could get a little wild out there? The North Face Oso retains a terrific level of breathability in spite of solid weather resistance, meaning you won’t overheat on account of terrific protection against light rain and snow.