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About The North Face Duffels and Luggage:

Before you start that backpacking trip through Europe to “find yourself”, you might want to make sure you’ve found the perfect gear for your trip. It’d be best to have luggage that’ll last through that adventure and many others, gear that’ll hold up to the whole of whatever you might throw its way. Hopping from hostel up to mountainsides and back again, reliable duffel packs and bags are essential to keeping your stuff safe when you decide to throw caution to the wind. The North Face, masters of the outdoors they are, happen to have put together a collection of rugged and resilient luggage and packs, travel ready and perfect for your journeys abroad.

How you head out is completely up to you. Whether you’re trying to keep it light and agile or want to pack a thorough wardrobe, a wealth of sizes and shapes means you can find a fit that’s just right, Goldilocks-style. Prefer some rolling wheels on the bottom of your bag? Rather have some backpack-style straps? How you carry it is completely up to you, with a wealth of other North Face tech throw in the mix to keep your gear safe. Be it waterproof or water bottle pockets, these things are decked out and ready to roll, rolling wheels or not.

Travel in style, okay? The North Face knows a thing or two about helping you look good out there, and their dedication to fashion in outerwear has very happily transferred over to their gear, because your packs don’t have to look drab. No matter if you actually are headed to that “find yourself” trip or you’ve realized a nice staycation could save you a few bucks, this North Face luggage is going to suit you just right.