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About Kid's North Face Jackets and Coats Sale:

These kids, they need a lot of stuff. We're talking a lot of stuff. Who knew! I mean, who knew that children, who literally can't support themselves, seem to have no sense of fiscal responsibility and exhibit a general lack of entrepreneurial spirit, would need you to provide for them? All of this putting-another-human-life-ahead-of-you can certainly put a strain on your pocketbook. On top of all of that, they want to look good when they're bundled up, out there braving the elements. You thought you'd be able to get away with duct taping blankets to their torso? How naïve of you.

Luckily, The North Face has you covered. Known for being pretty great at that whole helping you look good thing, we're able to bring you some of that quality kid’s North Face goodness at a price that won't break the bank. And before you think it, no, ol' Moosejaw isn't going cheap on you, either. These are the same quality North Face goods you've come to know and love, just slapped with a tremendous sale price you could get used to. Whether you’re looking for a coat of the waterproof variety, possibly an insulated jackets, or maybe you just really, really, really need those elastic cuffs – you can find it all right here.

Hey, don't feel bad that little Johnny hated your “ingenious” duct tape blanket jacket, and eventually hated you as a result. The North Face, with their wide array of coats, jackets and hoodies, has just the clearance-tinged trick to get him to turn that burning hate into mild indifference. What a time to be alive.