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About The North Face Backpacks for Kids:

Just because you’re a kid doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to rock the best outdoor gear in the world. I mean, it’s just not fair that only those big (and usually mean) adults are the only ones who can get the coolest stuff, with the hand-me-downs and knock-offs falling to the little guys. This awful, awful trend had officially come to an end, thanks to the awesome folks at The North Face. They’ve brought us this radical collection of backpacks made specifically for kids, built just like their big brother styles.

And even though these are the mini-me versions of the tried-and-true North Face standards, don’t think that they’ve cut any corners or dropped any of their beloved features. These backpacks do it all, featuring plenty of room to hold your books and papers, or massive, massive amounts of food. They also have breakaway sternum straps, ensuring a safer, comfier fit along with a reflective bike-light loop so you can be sure you’ll be seen. Find yourself in constant need of extra storage space for your dart guns or your Barbie dolls or your Barbie-adorned dart guns? You’ll find a number of external zippered pockets, perfect for those things you can’t roam without.

Don’t let the adults have all the fun and functionality. You kids deserve a step up from the same old boring, plain backpack. Or maybe you’re an adult that just doesn’t like a whole lot of extra heft on your back, along with you also having really narrow shoulders. Hey, these kids North Face backpacks are the real deal, perfect for your “school time” adventures or maybe just your garden variety “meandering and looking for trouble” type of adventures. Wherever your adventures take you, or whether or not you have super narrow shoulders as an adult, these kids North Face backpacks are going to be a perfect fit.