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About The North Face for Kids:

Imagine having some of the world’s best outdoor apparel and gear but, you know, smaller. Whether you’re a child yourself or maybe just rocking some serious Benjamin Button reverse aging thing, The North Face has put together a pretty incredible collection of kids’ athletic apparel and equipment that is perfect for preparing the small ones for just about anything that comes their way. Up above you’ll find familiar faces of the North Face world, made bite-size to better fit the boys and girls who’ve been clamoring for that iconic North Face style in a size that fits just right.

Yeah, there’s a lot to take in up there. That’s because The North Face is unapologetically thorough, making sure they’re as versatile as you need them to be. Maybe that boy of yours needs a new snowsports jacket that’s quick drying and fully insulated? Or does your little girl want a casual fleece hoodie, something she’ll be able to rock while hanging out in school and layer for some extra warmth outdoors? Those options, with just about everything in between, is on display right here. The North Face realizes the need for looking great out there, regardless of whether you’re full blown kid-status or not. Why should the grownups always have all the fun?

In case you think The North Face is all fancy jackets and hoodies, their expansive line of outerwear is sure to keep you covered up and warm throughout any winter weather. With cold climate accessories like beanies and gloves, to the most comfortable and sturdy footwear, The North Face is committed to being the entire package. School season ready to kick back into gear? The backpacks from the The North Face are the perfect lunch-and-homework carriers for you little ones, made with the same tech you’ve come to expect from one of the best outdoor goods companies around. Bigger isn’t always better. These awesome kids North Face selections are proof positive of that.

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