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The North Face Futurelight

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About The North Face FUTURELIGHT:

What if I told you running your favorite trail didn’t have to result in tying your jacket around your waist halfway through your run? What if I told you an ultra-light, breathable, waterproof jacket existed? Once again, The North Face has wowed everyone with their most sustainable, breathable-waterproof technology to date, Futurelight. From running the most rigorous trail to summiting Everest, Futurelight is a revolutionary fabric that will keep you dry both inside and out.

Before we continue, let’s talk about what Futurelight really is. The North Face uses a process called nanospinning in which a polyurethane solution is deposited into nano-sized fibers to create a membrane. From there, The North Face is using a unique pattern of glue that still upholds the durability of TNF standards while still maintaining the air permeability of the fabric. The perks of nanospinning? The tunability of it. The North Face is able to continuously adjust the membrane to be lighter, stretchier and more depending on the activities.

Futurelight can be found in three of The North Face’s top-of-the-line series. Trail runners can shop the Flight Series for jackets to keep them dry on their favorite morning trails. Backcountry athletes can shop the Steep Series so they can focus on tackling the steep lines and deep snow instead of having to worry about staying dry. Lastly, alpinists and mountaineers can check out the Summit Series for the kit they can keep on through all conditions of their summiting adventure.

As if all of this wasn’t cool enough, TNF has been actively conscious of their footprint when it comes to Futurelight Technology. From start to finish, sustainability has been a key factor in material and production. Crafted with 90% recycled materials, Futurelight Technology was designed from the bottom up to be an ethically-produced fabric. They succeeded in surpassing their own standards to create the most environmentally friendly TNF fabric to date. So what are you waiting for? Where will Futurelight take you?