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About The North Face Fleece Jackets:

Is it at all possible that you are one of the unlucky few that hasn’t had the distinct pleasure of getting familiar with what could very well be the most comfortable fleece jacket on the entire planet Earth? The North Face fleece jacket is an institution of outdoor apparel, a milestone in the world of athletic attire – does that sound fancy to you? Well, we mean it: Renowned for its versatility in the face of weather the whole year round, there’s a reason that these coats are a favorite for college students, performance athletes and all those who live fashion forward. The look is distinct, and these are the real deal.

It all started with the Denali. Well, maybe it didn’t start there, but that’s when things really took off for The North Face, with the Denali soon acting as their flagship jacket. It makes sense, too: As comfortable as it is stylish, the Denali does a great job of embodying the best parts of The North Face’s line in just one jacket. The rest of their fleece jackets stand up to this as well, being sure to ride the line between comfy and decidedly fashionable at all times. And isn’t that incredibly great? It’s like being able to wear your favorite pajamas on the red carpet, but everybody loves it - they really love it.

As always, being adaptable ahead of whatever might come your way is important and, as always, The North Face pumps their fleece jackets full of the best features and tech alongside that whole looking-great thing. And that could be the best part – perfect to rock while out on the town, but these jackets really prove their worth when you put them to the test. Your hiking and climbing will be free of restriction but full of “comfortable flexibility”, which, you know, is pretty cool.

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