The North Face Dresses And Skirts

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The North Face Dresses and Skirts


I'm still trying to decide if you can get away with wearing one of these The North Face Dresses to a wedding. Because if you have to sit through one of those things, especially outside and in the summer heat, at least the fact that your dress is so friggin comfortable will trump the fact that your soul mate for the last eight years has been your cat. Love weddings.

Anywho, I'm now certain The North Face has a secret lab. How else could they come up with these convertible pieces for women? A dress that turns into a skirt. A skirt that turns into a halter. A halter that turns into a hundred dollar check from The North Face. Last one's totally false, but I'm sure they've probably thought of a way to do that, too.

The North Face skirts and dresses are made with moisture and odor neutralizing technology, as well as ultraviolet protection and some noticeably fashionable features. The North Face athletic skirt is also available with an attached liner short and stash pockets, making it perfect for finally beating your neighbor in tennis or running when your fave shorts are in the laundry.