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About The North Face Backpacks:

A The North Face backpack is the perfect solution for those looking to strap into a capable, new backpack. The North Face knows what they’re doing when it comes to preparing you for adventure, and their collection of backpacks and bookbags is no exception. Think of this as your own personal gateway to a premium backpack shopping experience, built from those perennial over-achievers at The North Face. What’s going on just above? Oh, only a smattering of some of the very best backpacks ever assembled.

And right now we’re sure you’re all like, hey Moosejaw, how can you boast such a thing? That’s easy. The North Face has been at this for almost fifty years, and it’s safe to say they’ve learned a trick or two along the way: Tricks like building strong sternum straps to better distribute backpack weight and convertible laptop sleeves that can turn into fancy hydration sleeves. All of this, along with the rock solid build quality to ensure your precious stuff and things don’t get harmed when the going gets rough. These are backpacks built to withstand the elements, ones that would tear a lesser bookbag apart. Luckily for you, that’ll never be a concern again.

Fully aware that each day brings a different challenge, The North Face makes their backpacks battle-ready for every activity. Whether you're climbing some of the world's tallest peaks, commuting to work on the world’s tallest bike, or hiking your favorite trail on the world’s tallest set of stilts, there’s a backpack for you. So hop to it, smart shopper - hydrate yourself with a hydration pack and prepare for multiple days of exploration with a multi-day pack. No need to limit yourself anymore, not when The North Face has got your back. Literally, their pack with be sort of hugging it.

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