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About Teva:

A company born of humble beginnings, Teva has grown to become one of the most respected names in active footwear today. Making the outdoors available to the masses was the plan, with the advent of the sport sandal leading to an activewear company that has solutions for whoever may want to get out there and start a new journey. Spontaneity is engrained in the spirit of Teva.

At it for over thirty years, the Teva Original was invented thanks to a problem inherent to the outdoors. A river guide, tired of losing sandals to the water under his feet, grabbed some velcro straps and went to work. This patchwork invention -- attached to an everyday flip flop, no less -- spurred those who take the outdoors seriously to meet utility with comfort, once and for all. This creation was the first step in Teva normalizing the explorer spirit, leading to a procession of footwear built for those who wish to break new ground.

These days, the Teva catalog features a myriad of styles and forms, with water shoes and sandals tiered against the next generation of flip flops. Specially cushioned footwear means the Teva line is more comfortable than ever before, and the existence of waterproof options mean your footwear will last longer while keeping the great look you love. The spirit of the Originals still exists, refined in an advanced form that stays true to the ingenuity of the initial Teva offerings.

Teva believes in unscripted moments, ones that bring out the best in surprise adventures. Whether you’re gearing up to your next hiking adventure or hoping for a great, comfortable solution for around the campsite, Teva has you covered. Get out there and start your story.