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About Tentsile:

Did your favorite tent brand get its inspiration from Return of the Jedi? We’re betting they didn’t. And while we understand a little space movie wasn’t the end-all, be-all as far as inspiration goes for Tentsile, any tent brand worth their salt is better off finding a muse in cute forest creatures. Does it speak to the free spirit that has always found a home in the Tentsile brand? Sure it does. The seed of friendly, happy tree people expanded to a friendly, happy tree tent brand – one that uses the trees to suspend their tents, finding their home in a living space made of the outdoors.

And isn’t that so cool? More than just spending time outdoors at this point, you’re using the environment to support yourself – something baked in to the spirit of Tentsile. But traditionalists need not fret, as all tents under the Tentsile banner are built to pitch traditionally, giving you some extra versatility when the elements aren’t going your way.

When you love the outdoors as much as you do (and you do love the outdoors, yeah?) you’re likely to want to leave the smallest footprint possible. Suspend yourself and spend time in the outdoors without disturbing the cute forest creatures around you. Fit a few in a Stingray, maybe go a bit smaller in the Flight – regardless which you choose, be ready for an outdoor experience that’s a breath of fresh air.