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About tasc Performance:

Performance apparel needs to perform. Your active lifestyle demands attire that can keep up with you, and you don't have time for workout gear or athletic clothing that holds on to bad odors while feeling uncomfortable. Giving you the most natural alternative available, tasc Performance provides a unique proprietary fabric and manufacturing process that helps ensure the most genuine performance apparel experience possible.

Founded back in 2009, tasc Performance was brought together under the singular undertaking of completely rethinking athletic attire. Founder Al Andrews found polyester to be rigid and uncomfortable, with the wildly unfortunate added bonus of retaining bad odors. Over two years of research and development brought about the advent of the BamCo®, a finishing process that, along with a mix of natural fibers and threads, gives tasc Performance apparel increased durability, a better feel, and optimal functionality.

What does that mean to you? Our buddies at tasc Performance have cracked the code, producing the most moisture-wicking, anti-odor, and fasted drying garments in the business. Men and women's variations are readily available, with an incredibly varied collection offered at your fingertips. From tops and tees to shorts and pants, tasc Performance can cover you from head to toe in bamboo enriched goodness. Your brisk run to the local yoga studio will never be the same.

At the core of tasc Performance you'll find the desire to redefine the athletic experience, one workout at a time.