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About Swany:

Swany gloves and mittens are made with quality materials that you can touch, see, smell, taste and hear. Okay, maybe not the last two, but you can definitely smell the premium leather, feel the durable, soft inserts; and see the high-performance fit. Their winter accessories are made for enthusiasts who love to crush it on slopes while skiing and exploring the backcountry. They came about when two glove manufacturers (one was a mom & pop company, the other a Japanese company) met by chance and formed a partnership in 1987 that is now the second largest producer in the world of sport, casual, and dress gloves.

You know that a company is legit when they use the same designs as NASA. These space age technologies have helped Swany become renowned for their fit and performance. A huge hassle of mitts when out skiing or snowboarding is the loss of dexterity. You must completely remove the mitt when you want to use your digits. The toaster design cures this headache as you simply open the zipper and you are still covered by the inset so no need to deal with frosty fingers. Their ski and snowboarding gloves provide extra warmth and comfort thanks to the Dyan-Therm lining that not only wicks away moisture but retain heat even when wet. The durable fabrics that make up Swany products are totally waterproof, extremely breathable, and eco-friendly as they can be recycled easily.

The team at Swany leaves no detail untouched. Linings, insulation, inserts, palm materials and form are all a part of the design process. This is why their women's gloves and mitts are so exceptional. They realized that a men's glove can't simply be sized down as a woman's hand tends to be more slender with longer fingers. Their innovative cold weather accessories will make you realize just what you have been missing out on.