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About Suunto:

Suunto (pronounced Soon-toh) all started with a compass. Decades ago, a novel production method and a new take on the world's favorite navigational tool helped bring the brand to life. These days, an innovative spirit still runs through everything Suunto does, with the brand proud to produce a wide range of inventive products that stand the test of time.

Tuomas Vohlonen had a serious problem. Enthusiast of everything outdoors, he saw the traditional compass as woefully inaccurate and sloppy, looking to new and exciting advancements in technology as increasingly exciting propositions. His experience in engineering led him to develop a mass-produced liquid-based compass, effectively revolutionizing the compass and putting the Suunto name on the map.

Since then, Suunto has continued to exist as a pioneering force, expanding into dive computer technology, along with more advanced compasses, and most recently producing an inspired collection of premium sports watches. The Suunto line of sports watches for sale pits advanced training technology side by side against revered modern designs, providing an enviable piece of hardware that looks as smart as it is sought-after.

Still held to a long-standing passion of hard-working innovation, Suunto's manufacturing and design continues in Finland to this day. Suunto products are made by hard-working people for hard-charging adventurers. These are inventive designs for those who demand as much out of their gear as they do out of themselves. Wherever your adventure takes you, be sure to take Suunto with you.