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About Surly Bikes:

Built to last and intricately designed, Surly is a company full of steel, personality and commitment to the environment. Raised in Bloomington, MN, Surly has created a strong name in the cycling community and prides themselves on every product without taking themselves too seriously. Boosting the original fat bike wave in 2005, Surly has since began offering everything from 29ers and commuter bikes to gravel and touring bikes. It’s safe to say there’s a little bit of everything for everyone.

When customers are searching for that fits-like-a-glove ride, they’re usually searching for something that’s comfortable, light and affordable. That’s where Surly steps in with their charming smile and offers exactly what customers are in search of - steel. Not just any steel though. Surly uses chrome-alloy steel which has been more recently known as chromoly. Chromoly offers the ruggedness and durability of carbon steel with a weight closer to aluminium. With these factors, customers get a sturdier ride with a lower price tag.

Surly bikes can be found in hardtail fashion with rigid forks. This means there is no suspension system to assist the rider on trails. Key features of fully rigid bikes can be lower price points, less repair than a full suspension bike and a lighter weight bike. With Surly, riders can always be guaranteed a product that will carry them from the trail to the store, through the woods and to grandmother’s house. With a solid ride and gear, what else could a rider need?