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About Sugoi Cycling Clothing:

Built not just to survive, but to thrive. This is the philosophy at Sugoi, where they understand you demand as much out of your active wear as you do out of yourself. It's not enough to simply get the job done; you insist on reaching the next level. And that's where Sugoi lives, ready for anything that comes next. Just like you.

Being born of the great Canadian outdoors has directly influenced the spirit of Sugoi, helping breed a tougher brand built from a tough environment. Since their start in 1987, British Columbia has been a premier testing ground for the Sugoi line, ensuring a company that provides gear that will propel you to push harder and transcend your limits. This is extraordinary apparel from an extraordinary company.

The past few decades have been kind to Sugoi, pairing years of research against time spent improving and evolving a premium design aesthetic. This has helped Sugoi to stand apart in a crowded field, with advancements in technology seeing significant leaps forward in the apparel you require to succeed. A dedication to the brilliance of their fabric architecture means jackets that will perform in extreme conditions, with supreme attention to interface and visual technology that ensures premium protection through performance.

It's not enough to do well; you have to be the best. For those who wish to push their limits, Sugoi is ready.

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