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About Stuff Sacks:

Stuff sacks are never not useful to have on-hand. Use them to hang your food from unwanted critters, to store your sleeping bag, to organize your toiletries, and to throw your clothes in. Incredibly lightweight, they are perfect for hiking, backpacking and camping. Every ounce and bit of space adds up which is why these ultralight stuff sacks are perfect for packing, no matter where you’re headed.

The best stuff sacks free up crucial space be it in your car, camper, kayak or backpack. They’re available in a wide variety of shapes, styles and materials to meet your travel needs. They are the unsung heroes of the packing world. Stuff sacks help to keep your load light and organize your essentials and belongings so everything is right where you need it to be. Plus, stuff and compression sacks protect items such as smart phones, cameras and toilet paper. Nobody, and we mean nobody, wants to deal with wet toilet paper.

You’ve already invested in high-quality technical gear so why not protect it with an equally high-quality stuff sack? Insanely durable, waterproof and lightweight, they are one of the most effective ways to pack and protect your belongings. From ultralight hiking to frequent flying, stuff sacks are always useful. They maximize space without adding extra weight. You’ll wonder how you ever packed without them.