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About Camping & Backpacking Stoves:

Backpacking stoves are proof that you can have your cake and eat it too. Who says you can't bring the kitchen to the campsite? Well we aren't too sure, but we do know they're incredibly wrong - the backpacking stoves you'll find above are proof positive of that. Just because you're doing your "roughing it" thing doesn't mean your meals have to suffer, and what about coffee? Don't even get us started. A morning without coffee is a borderline disaster, and since Starbucks isn't planning on opening a franchise in the backcountry anytime soon, grabbing yourself a backpacking stove from one of the fine brands above will get you - and your dinner - set just right.

Everything you need, at the press of a button. That's what you have to look forward to, with an ultralight backpacking stove built to take up a minimum of space while giving you what you need to cook your meal, provide steaming water for your tea or whatever else you might want to be made hot. Windscreens to ensure that bad boy stays lit and functional in spite of bad weather? Check. Portable, personal units sitting alongside group cookers that can help sustain an entire campsite? You got it.

It's kinda like Campsite Cooking: Choose Your Own Adventure. Top brands like Jetboil, MSR and Camp Chef have built some of the best camping stoves especially for you, the Hungry Camper. Make those s'mores better than ever before, and conquer your cooking while camping with one of the backpacking stoves in our "Backpacking Stoves Collection." They're part of a collection because being part of a collection makes them sound fancy.