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About Static Ropes:

Not all rope is created equal. But you already knew that, right? Right? Okay, whether or not you’re up on your specific rope…specifics, just know this: Our static rope page is full of top-quality non-dynamic ropes, built for a wide variety of uses with the express distinction that these ropes will not, under any circumstance, stretch when placed under load. Any activity that calls for rope of the static variety will be steadily handled and conquered, with the best brands presenting their top-notch rope products.

There are plenty of instances where a static rope will be your absolute best bet. Being able to have that kind of control in a rescue operation is beyond key, but use here isn’t limited to work-type scenarios. Caving, or “spelunking”, or even “big-holey-droppy-into” as we’re keen to call it, is best served with a quality static rope to ensure precision throughout your adventure. Don’t even think about heading out on that rappelling journey of yours with a high-elasticity rope – best stick with the static, bringing yourself down same as those rescue teams.

This is super durable, tough-as-nails rope that’ll keep you secure in any situation. No matter the lousy weather or sketchy elements, this is the trusty line that won’t quit because you won’t either. Easy to knot and made for optimal handling, this is a Boy Scout’s dream realized – stay prepared and handle whatever comes your way.