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About Standard Climbing Ropes:

These standard ropes are anything but standard. Well, they are standard, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t totally awesome. If you are doing any serious climbing, or even some not serious climbing, you are going to need ropes. Not because you want to practice your lassoing skills on errant mountain goats, although that is pretty cool. No, you want some ropes because, unless falling from great heights is really high on your list of favorite things to do, you are going to need them.

Ropes have been part of climbing equipment since man first lost something in a really tall tree. Standard ropes aren’t called standard because they aren’t special, they are called standard because they are so essential to everything climbing related. Even stuff that is only loosely related to climbing requires rope. I use ropes for stuff every time I go camping, whether its for a clothesline or if I am weaving a web to take naps in and occasionally capture a backpacker.

These ropes are durable and tough, with the abrasion resistance that you need to rely on to feel completely safe when you are dangling off a cliff. Or maybe you need the ropes to restrain a man named Cliff. Either way these ropes have strength that doesn’t quit, so you can rest easy knowing that Cliff isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Another awesome feature of these ropes is that they are designed with climbing in mind so they work well with ascenders and belaying devices. Each of these ropes is awesome in its own unique way, and since we’ve taken care to find only the best ropes from the top brands in climbing the only decisions you have to make are which diameter works with your other gear, and what color goes best with your jacket.