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About Stance:

Stance, the brand that has revolutionized the world of tired, boring socks. They exploded onto the scene since their founding in 2010 and are now sold in over forty countries. Their lines of men's and women's socks are devoted to letting you express your individuality. This idea came about after the founders walked through the sock aisle of a department store and said, "What the h-e-double hockey sticks? The sock market is neglected and underdeveloped!" Fast forward to today and more than five million have been sold and they are now the official sock of both the NBA and MLB.

One might think that a sock does not require technical innovation, yet the guys at Stance proved us wrong. They have built their own onsite SHRED (Socks Hosiery Research Engineering & Development) lab that tests the design, function and materials of their socks and competitors' socks. This lab has led to advancements such as wicking, high-quality tight weave fabric which holds its durability and feel even after tons of washes. Their INprint fabric is an incredibly impressive aesthetic innovation as it prints images directly onto the yarn so it creates a better picture even when the fabric is stretched.

Stance has also realized just how important socks are in action sports. Athletics such as skiing, snowboarding, running, baseball, basketball, motocross and skateboarding all rely on quality socks. If an athlete suffers from blisters, poor circulation, or athlete's foot then their entire performance can be dramatically affected. They have focused on features such as breathable mesh, targeted cushioning and moisture wicking to create the world's best performing, feeling and looking sock. It's easy to see why professional sports leagues want to partner with them.

With Stance leading the pack, socks are no longer dull and boring. Regardless of athletic, casual or dress style, they have bright colors, unique patterns and themed designs to suit your taste. Their quiet boldness has gathered a cult-like following. With Jay-Z rapping about them, Dwayne Wade representing them on the court, and other big names sporting them on the red carpet, you know you look fly as all get out with a pair of Stance socks.