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About SRAM:

SRAM and bicycle components are practically synonymous terms. Founded in 1987, it was founded to create a better shifting system but has grown to be known for producing industry-leading bike components including shifters, groupsets, cranksets, cassettes, and brakes. Its name is an acronym paying homage to its founders, Scott, Ray, and Sam. SRAM is headquartered in Chicago but has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Germany with offices in Europe and Asia as well. This global scale has allowed the company to work with some of the world’s leading designers and inventors which has led to the creation of some of the best cycling parts and pieces in the industry.

SRAM’s game-changing Grip Shift is what put the company on the map. It changed the entire landscaping of the mountain bike world. Also known as the twist shifter, this once clunky, innocuous widget soon became a favorite among the pros. Since then, the company hasn’t stopped. Its design process is never complete which has led to other disruptive technology such as Yaw road technology, a front end derailleur cage that delivers direct and precise front end shifting. Smart Coasterbike Technology, SCT, provides a more sensitive response when braking at speeds leading to higher safety. Contact Point Adjustment for mountain biking allows you to pick where to place your fingers when the brakes are engaged which results in a quick and easy way to customize your ride without having to move the pads.

Biking is SRAM’s first and only love. Its ethos is for those who live and breathe cycling. From mountain biking to road cycling as well as urban commuting, SRAM produces high-end cycle components to meet your discipline. Its team continues to refine its designs and technologies to provide you with the best bike components available. Whether you’re looking to amp things up with a new speed cassette or your ride needs to be more responsive with a high-quality groupset, SRAM has got you covered.