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About Spyder:

Spyder, the brand that is synonymous with big names like Picabo Street, Lindsey Vonn, Steven Nyman, and Julian Carr. They design high quality, innovative gear for the world's top athletes including the US Ski Team and Canadian Alpine Teams. Before it was the largest specialty ski brand in the world, it was a small mail order business created by David Jacobs in the late 1970s. The name comes from their early days when their racing pants featured unique protective padding that resembled spider legs.

If you have the option to have ski wear that is designed for Olympians and world champions, you would jump on that, wouldn't you? Spyder's outerwear gives you the same level of performance as the top guys without the pressure of breaking world records. Their innovative ski jackets, pants and accessories are designed with the smallest of details in mind so you can ski all winter while staying comfortable and dry. Thanks to their technically superior men's and women's ski clothing. you can perform at your best whether you are racing to the finish or having an easy ski on some powder. Their kids' outerwear is warm and lightweight yet durable enough for those king of the mountain snowball fights.

As with all Spyder active wear, each piece combines style with comfort, performance and protection. No matter your age or ability, their gear helps you beat the elements so you can stay out till last chair. From high-quality materials to ski apparel technology innovations, it's easy to see why Spyder is an industry leader in ski and outerwear.