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About Sport and Hiking Sandals:

Let’s get it out of the way right now, sport sandals aren’t for playing sports like basketball or soccer, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t awesome. Sport sandals are great for hiking and extended wear times while being physically active. Typical sandals are just skimpy clothing for your feet, these sandals are from a different, more rugged, background. Sport sandals for men and women are more durable and generally more badass, which is something I like to look for in all of my footwear.

One of my favorite features of sport sandals is how comfortable they are while still maintaining an effective fit. I decided to treat my sport sandals to a day at the amusement park, just to give them a little break from all of the outdoors adventure - hiking trails and looking for bigfoot. They were great for wearing around all day, whether I was running between rides or standing in line. They were extra great because their snug fit meant that rollercoasters with multiple loops put me in no danger of losing me shoes. Even better, I could hit all of the water rides and my feet could dry out quickly thanks to the improved ventilation.

Since we’ve already gone through all of the trouble of assembling all of the best sport sandals from the top brands the least you can do is find a pair that will make all of your friends and coworkers jealous with how relaxed you can be while still being totally ready for adventure. I love all of these sandals so much I am seriously considering getting a pair to wear on my hands. I figure that I’ll be extra popular since I am already getting looks and compliments for wearing these cool sandals on my feet.

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