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About Sperry Topsiders:

Because the Earth is two-thirds water, there is Sperry Top-Sider. For years, this has been the motto for Perry's, a footwear brand tied to a rich sea-faring tradition. Those who enjoy their boating require a shoe that not only withstands unpredictable and slippery conditions, but also looks great on the open sea.

Founder Paul Sperry was born into a sailing family, spending years on rough waters chasing adventures. After a slippery deck nearly cost him his life thanks to a decided lack of traction, Paul spent years trying to find the perfect way to ensure a better grip while in action. After noting his dog being able to race across ice with ease, he created a sole design that mimicked the grooved bottom for a shoe with a better grip. In 1935, the Sperry boat shoe was born.

Soon after, Sperry brand shoes quickly became a custom of the nautical experience. Today, the classic style of the Sperry Top-Side exists side by side against a wide-ranging collection of dependable footwear. The Sperry brand features shoes for a myriad of different occasions, whether you'll looking for a stylish dress shoe or a capable cross-trainer.

Still the cornerstone of the brand, the classic style of the Sperry Top-Sider bridges the gap of generations and remains a trendy constant to this day.

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