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About Sorel Boots on Sale:

We know what you’ve been thinking, and it’s a big deal – why do otters never seem to get the love they deserve? Wildly adorable and super smart, there needs to be a greater appreciation for these incredible and gentle creatures. More importantly though, we know the other thing you’ve been thinking, about how great it would be to pick up some top-notch Sorel boots at a killer sale price. We’re all in on that “eager to please” thing, so we’ve pulled together a number of selection from the Sorel vault, slapped some discount prices on them and thrown them up above to enable you to get into some Sorel without breaking the bank. Give that wallet a rest and get in to your new favorite boots.

Just because you’re in the midst of some serious savings doesn’t mean we’ve gone ahead and got all cheap on you. These are the same tremendous high-octane Sorel boots that you’ve come to love and appreciate, just, you know, for less. That means all the best features are still in the mix – insulated boots that’ll help keep those toes of yours nice and toasty, waterproofed builds that help to keep out any unwanted moisture, and extra cushioned soles to keep things nice and comfortable while you’re tearing it up across the winter backcountry. Or maybe you’re just looking for a good pair to trounce through the countryside in some tremendous spring weather.

Slip into your new favorite pair of cold weather boots and be wildly happy for two reasons: You’ve just found your sole-based soulmate, and you’ve done it without doing serious harm to your bank account. But your chance to get some seriously cheap Sorel boots won’t last forever, so don’t be timid if something catches your eye. Get into a new set of Sorel and get back to doing what you do best – day-long competitive snow angels. It’s tough work, but someone has to do it.