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About Sorel Men's Boots:

Listen up, gentlemen – refuse to get yourself into lesser footwear. Your adventures shouldn’t be lessened as a result of subpar boots, so why put yourself into a position to be compromised? The elements are rarely kind and often unpredictable, so settling into a pair of boots that kick ass and take names is probably the way to do it. Full of fierce weather protection and a generous helping of comfort, Sorel’s boots are the intrepid and adventurous man’s new best friend.

Get to it out there, no matter how bad things get. So the snowstorm has reached mega-blizzard proportions, with an undeniable full-force wind and pelting snow teaming up with the intense chill of negative temps – big deal. Nubeck leather works in concert with an insanely resilient rubber shell, helping to provide a boot that’s supremely closed off, with special thanks to a seam-sealed construction.

What about premium grip? Is your ability to not slip and end up looking kinda stupid important to you? It should be, and Sorel can give a helping hand – patented tech like Sorel’s own AeroTrac™ non-loading outsole make working your way through a hectic backcountry all sorts of easy. Feel a touch more at ease when you're tackling that unexplored terrain, as you're ready for whatever it has for you.

Insulated to ensure those freezing temps are an afterthought, let’s not think that Sorel slept on one of the most important features involving quality boots: They look incredible. Man, we know it too well, that stepping out into the extremes and excelling is surely a great thing, but being able to look good while you’re at it is most definitely a bonus. Have your cake, eat it, and get back out there – with a stellar pair of Sorel boots you might as well anoint yourself the new king of doin’ work whenever work needs getting done.