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About Men's Sorel:

Built for those who aren’t afraid to get a little dirty, Sorel makes first-rate footwear for the adventurer in all of us. Maybe you haven’t quite found that adventurer inside of you? Slip into a pair and let him out – these are Sorel boots and shoes made for those who fully intend to conquer the snow-littered backcountry, and do it in style. This is for the Sorel men, the ones who have what it takes to not only get out there in style, but in maximum levels of comfort and ability as well. Translation: Look great while you kick some ass.

Intense weather conditions got nothing on you. Not when you’re stepping into a boot with a tremendous amount of weather-besting abilities – take, for example, the waterproof protection that’s part of the Caribou wool boot, one of Sorel’s most popular options for men. Chock full of excellent waterproof protection, the time-tested vulcanized rubber shell is a good place to start. Add in a classic leather look that provides an additional level of weather protection and you’re really cooking, and then you figure the seam-sealed waterproof construction and well, your boot is ready for anything. Maybe that anything is the non-stop rain showers that come our way throughout the spring? Face the season without fear.

Get back to more having fun and less worrying about your gear. There’s plenty of durable, die-hard Sorel boot options, but those looking for something a little more casual are in luck as well. Your time isn’t exclusively spent out in the wildness, and those quieter moments still deserve some quality footwear. Super casual and comfortable slippers and moccasins keep those toes warm while you’re rocking something super durable. Regardless of what you step in to, expect a peerless level of coziness and dependability.


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