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About Sorel Boots:

Refuse to trust your toes to lesser brands. Winter time is cold time, and the elements are pretty great at being pretty brutal, regardless of what you prefer. Looking forward to that trek through the snow-covered backcountry? Well, it’s going to be freezing cold and covered with difficult terrain. But you don’t need to let crummy conditions get in the way of your good time – not when you employ the services of Sorel. Crafting winter weather boots is just what they do, and their proud heritage is indicative of that.

But don’t worry that you’ll have to forgo fashion at the behest of better footwear – Sorel gives their cold-weather beating boots a look that still complements your wardrobe without going weak on the features. You know, features like first-class insulation that brings a welcome level of warmth and blocks out those blistering cold temperatures. That insulation wouldn’t be worth very much if it weren’t for their peerless seam-sealed waterproof construction, a major part of what helps keep these boots from letting any drops through. Pair that with a waterproof suede upper and you’ve got one hell of a water-besting boot.

Some welcome comfort is all well and good, but being able to perform out there is doubly important. Handcrafted outsoles are made of super tough vulcanized rubber, providing a tremendous amount of traction and the ability to keep from slipping when things get a little dicey. And while the majority of the choices you’ll find above are feature-packed and ready for adventure, don’t be discouraged to dress it up a bit. Your fashion level is entirely up to you, and pulling for a boot that makes the jump from hike to nightlife hot spot has never been easier.


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