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About Sorel Footwear

Sorel is for those who aren't afraid to get their feet dirty. When you slip on a pair of their winter boots, a sense of boldness will wash over you to go out and conquer hiking a new trail or travel to a new destination. What once started out as a utilitarian work boot for men in the early 1960's has now grown into an international best-selling brand thanks to their versatile styles and designs in men's, women's and kids' footwear. Their wide range of styles will suit the tastes of rugged outdoorsmen, the fashion-forward urbanites, playful little ones and everyone in-between.

Sorel aspires to bring you the best and latest in fashion footwear. Since Columbia Sportswear purchased the company, they have updated their classic hard-wearing snow boots into full boot and shoe collections that are split between lifestyle and sport. The versatility of their brand brings you straight into the office after trudging through slush and snow banks, and from a long day of walking into a night of going out with friends. Their kid's boots easily transition from inside the classroom to the playground outside. They are one of the few companies that have been able to pull off a winter boot that is both comfortable and fashionable.

Even though the modern twist is a departure from their utilitarian roots, their heritage of practicality, functionality and high-quality materials remains the same. Their expertly crafted cold-weather footwear performs well even in the harshest of outdoor conditions. The vulcanized rubber bottoms work in concert with waterproof premium leather uppers to ensure no nagging rain or snow sneaks in, keeping you dry and comfortable no matter how long you're out in the bitter, wet weather. Pair that with top-notch insulation, be it of the wool or synthetic variety, and you'll never have to worry about chilly toes while making your way down the slopes.

Warmth, comfort, style and durability are at the heart of Sorel, and lucky for you, they have expanded their craft into outerwear. Parkas, bombers and jackets help to complete your winter wardrobe allowing you to look great without sacrificing superior quality. Each piece of their footwear and outerwear collections has unique features and values that will take you wherever you want to explore. So stop fighting the temptation and go jump into that puddle or kick up that powder. You know you want to.