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About SOIA & KYO:

In 2004, founder Ilan Elfassy started SOIA & KYO - a high fashion lifestyle brand that follows the mantra, “beauty is found in simplicity.” These days, SOIA & KYO is pushing the boundaries of women’s outerwear fashion with sleek, luxurious designs while still maintaining the warmth and comfort found in many winter coats. Styles can be found in three different lengths: hip, thigh or knee-length (because knee warmth is underrated).

Founded in Canada, Elfassy aimed to create innovative and stylish garments that could also brave the coldest winter days. Thanks to down insulation and water-repellent outer shells that are found on SOIA & KYO coats, cold weather hasn’t been a problem since. Alongside that, some jackets feature asymmetrical zippers while others feature a puffy bib and collar combo. Both of these are key features for eliminating any chance of wind getting into your coat.

From morning walks to a night out on the town, women can shop insulated and casual jackets from SOIA & KYO. Looking for a casual winter jacket for walking across campus? You can find that. Or how about something to keep you toasty while your friends drag you around the city on the coldest day of the year? You can find that above too. No matter what, you’ll stay just as warm and be just as stylish from morning to night.