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About So iLL Climbing Gear:

Ever spend time thinking about the wild shapes and colors making up those fantastic blobs and bubbles littering the enormous climbing wall at your favorite indoor rock climbing joint? No? Just us? Okay, we're going to assume we aren't alone in our appreciation of rock wall art, and lucky for us, the guys at So iLL know a thing or two about crafting great indoor rock climbing gear.

Founded just over a decade ago, So iLL has quickly become one of the leaders in the indoor rock climbing community. Holding great pride in excellent customer service and quality manufacturing, So iLL knows great success isn't achieved simply by making a great product. A commitment to the entire process is key, and So iLL has grown to shipping in 19 countries by paying great notice every step of the way.

Our collection gives you a good idea of the wide range of products dreamt up by the So iLL crew. From inventive holds to sturdy pads and the chunkiest chalk around, this St. Louis-based outfit has all you'll need to get you geared up for your next climb.