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About our Snowshoes Sale:

So you head out there and hit the trail, and wouldn’t you know it: Covered in snow, and there’s a lot of it. You’re up to your knees in white blizzard madness and you start to think to yourself: Why am I wearing slippers?

Oh, right, because you didn’t have the extra money for those snowshoes you wanted. So you wore slippers. In the snow.

Sounds like the making of a very, not good, bad dream, but the excellent news is you’ll never have to worry about this happening ever again. First things first: Those snowshoes you had to pass on because they were super pricey? Try again, soft-shoe. You’re in the middle of a tremendously exciting snowshoe sale event, so look no further and find yourself some quality snow-beaters at clearance level prices. You’re look at the best of the very best, a representation of the highest in winter footwear. Just, you know, at awesome prices.

Can you still wear slippers in the snow? Yeah, of course. All that frostbite and lack of maneuverability could prove to be an issue though, so best to leave it to footwear that works correctly. Get yourself decidedly better grip while trudging through uneven and sloppy terrain. But don’t think that extra traction means you’re stuck to lesser comfort, as these snowshoes provide a balanced wear that works to enhances your experience and make for a much improved fit. So save some cash and do snowshoes better. Leave the slippers at the bedside and get into some gear that won’t break the bank.