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About Snowboarding Gear and Equipment:

Snowboarding is my favorite sport. Unless you count hunting the most dangerous game on a snowboard, then my favorite sport is curling. Seriously, that scene in XxX when Vin Diesel outruns an avalanche on a snowboard? That was intense. I bet they tried it with skis first and they ended up having to activate another clone of Vin because they lost the original in the avalanche.

We are fresh out of clones of Vin Diesel but we have everything you need for going on an awesome snowboarding adventure. All of our snowboarding gear is from the top brands and one brand that is on its way up because no one ever makes it to the top without being given a chance first.

Whether you plan on reaching the top by ski lift, tow rope or by hiking up yourself to find the untouched powder these are all of the supplies that you are going to need. Boards, bindings, bags, helmets, goggles, flux capacitors, we have all of them, except maybe the last one. There are even some awesome gloves, jackets and hats here for your perusal.

You don’t want to hit the slopes unprepared so take your time and pick out all the equipment you need and start getting excited for all the fun you are going to have snowboarding. I’m actually getting a little jealous of all the fun you are going to have. Take me with you!?! Or maybe just send Moosejaw some pics of you tearing it up. I’ll tape them to my computer so I can look back fondly on this moment. I’m glad I could be a part of your adventure.