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About Smith Optics:

There is not a cooler founding story than that of Smith Optics. Dr. Bob Smith, an orthodontist, began his company in 1965. His claim to fame was the creation of the first ever double-lensed vented ski goggle that today, is the industry standard. In the early days of Smith, he and his friends built prototypes around his kitchen table using his dental tools. Often times, these goggles were exchanged for lift tickets as a way to test them out on the slopes.

Test feedback is still utilized to this day as a way to optimize new product design and performance. Their high-performance eyewear including goggles and sunglasses is legendary thanks to their technical innovations in lenses. Their sunglasses feature a Chromapop lens which filters out 99% of reflective surface lens, increases clarity, and enhances color to so you able to see more detail effortlessly. Their goggles incorporate technical feats such as their 5x anti-fogging inner lens, turbo fan air management, quick release lens system, prescription insert, and provides the ultimate integration between goggle and helmet.

While we're on the subject of helmets, Smith also offers a line of ski and bike helmets to protect that noggin of yours whether you are hitting the slopes or out on the trails. The design revolves around 4 pillars: low speed, high speed, rotational, and multi-impact. No matter what kind of spill you take, Smith is there to protect you.

Whether you are a biker, skier, snowboarder, surfer, motocrosser, or climber; their products are sure to find a solid place in your life. Don't believe us? Ask the 49 other countries that Smith Optics is sold in. Their sunnies, goggles, and helmets are constructed with your style, function, and fit in mind allowing you to trust in what you see giving you confidence in your performance. In other words, Smith Optics allows you to slay on the slopes.