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About Smartwool Socks:

We know you’re thinking it, that they’re just socks and what’s the big deal, already. Potentially overlooked to your disadvantage, the right pair of socks can be the thing that really makes the outfit. And we’re totally serious here – heading out on those all-day hikes or camping weekends can mean encountering less-than-ideal temperatures, and chilly feet can only mean one thing – a chillier body temp. Smartwool has built the athletic sock better, using the best qualities of wool to craft a sock that adds a welcome amount of heat along with a refreshing rugged nature, meaning it will last longer regardless of the trails you’re sure to put it through.

Refuse boring socks. Yeah, maybe you got that white 12-pack for your birthday and you’re blowing through those bad boys at an alarming rate, so why not just buy up a discount pair when those are through? Break the cycle. Smartwool manufactures their socks in a varying degree of weights so they best complement whatever footwear or conditions you’re slipping into that day. Lightweight to heavyweight, you’ll even find a collection of socks built for running – extra support better backs your effort and helps keep you comfortable throughout.

No matter if you’re getting into some solid climbing action or just trying to find a better feel for long days on your feet, Smartwool has put the time and effort into building you a better toe-first experience. Significant comfort meets inspired style meets extra durability – that’s Smartwool.