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About our Smartwool Sale:

For those who hold a deep-seated passion for the outdoors, you’re in great company with Smartwool. Born from a number of outside-the-box thinkers who figured that wool, always thought to be coarse and uncomfortable, would make a terrific weather-besting sock. And they were right. Wildly cozy while providing a wildly valuable level of warmth in spite of cold weather conditions, Smartwool socks have become the go-to for any and all winter travelers. The success of Smartwool has led to a brand that expanded into a number of exciting directions, with new and inspired apparel sitting alongside their tried and true originals. Now it’s time to get a piece of the comfortable action, all at a great, great, great price.

Keep warm and feel awesome in the process – not only because you’re wearing some incredibly comfortable apparel, but you’re saving all sorts of cash. You have the ability to outfit your entire body, all while doing it on a budget. Seal in the warmth to at the very top, with a fashionable cuffed beanie that will keep your crown nice and toasty. Half zip? Full zip? No zip? Plenty of plush hoodies, jackets and vest will take care of that mid-section of yours. Cap it off with the best pair of socks you’ve ever owned and you’re in good, weather-beating shape.

Oh, and that’s right -- this is all deep discount style, y’all. Our sale collection of Smartwool apparel is ready to get you into premium warmth and comfort at clearance-like prices. Give a boost to your cold weather attire without setting fire to your bank account. We’re here to hook you up with the best Smartwool has to offer, saving you cash thanks to our spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime sale event.

Note: It’s completely possible this could be a twice-in-a-lifetime event. If so, sorry. Still a big deal, though.