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About Men's Smartwool Socks:

Don’t settle for your run-of-the-mill socks. Yeah, it’s easy enough to do – that one aunt of yours always buying you a few packs around the holidays, making you figure you already have a bunch of socks, so why bother putting up a fuss? They’re just socks and what’s the big deal. Alright, on that logic let’s just trade out your car for a ’79 Yugo with 240,000 miles on it and move you into an igloo since it’s all the same to you, guy. Does that seem like a bit of a reach? Step into some Smartwool socks and you’ll realize it’s not, at all. Do something nice for your feet for a change – get them into some Smartwool, and discover what you’ve been missing.

You’re doing some serious work out there, right? Hiking all weekend, skiing for hours on end, engaging in some hardcore trail running – whatever it is you’re up to, keeping yourself comfortable is key. And grabbing a cozy pair of shoes is only the half of it when you consider the amount of trouble you’ll be getting into. Smartwool socks are built to breathe better, support better, and provide an all-around premium experience that is leagues above any of your aunt’s value socks.

All that without mentioning the best part of all – Smartwool socks do an incredible job of keeping your feet warm while you’re trudging through the unpredictable elements. Wool, that supposedly coarse and rough material, has been harnessed by the Smartwool team to bring you the new-and-improved Wool 2.0. The future is now, gentlemen – slip into some Smartwool socks and discover the good word yourself.