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About Slip-On and Velcro Climbing Shoes:

The best part of these slip on climbing shoes is that all of the slip is on the inside of the shoe while the rest of the shoe is made to grip. Ok, the inside of the shoes isn’t exactly slippery, but you still are going to have an easier time getting in and out of these than you would with regular climbing shoes.

Slip on climbing shoes are just as comfortable, durable and great for climbing as other shoes, with the added benefit of being easily removable thanks to the magic of velcro. I feel like sometimes velcro gets a bad rap, but climbing shoes are one instance where I think not having laces is significantly more advantageous. You don’t want to have to worry about tying your shoes when you are dangling precariously from a cliff face. Not to mention that awkward moment that sometimes happens when you realize that you have been climbing so slow that another climber behind you has taken it upon themselves to tie your shoelaces together.

I think that my slip on climbing shoes are so comfortable and awesome that I started wearing them even on days when I don’t plan on doing any climbing, even though I still end up doing some on occasion. You would be surprised at all of the opportunities to climb that arise in an average day. Just last week I was hanging around outside the office throwing a Frisbee around. Long story short, it ended up on the roof and I, being the only guy with the right shoes for the job, got sent on a retrieval mission. While I was up on the roof I found six kickballs, nine Frisbees and at least a dozen tennis balls. I returned from the sky bearing all of these gifts while my coworkers cheered and sang songs about how great my climbing shoes are.