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About Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are one of the most important outdoor accessories out there. Not only will you get a better night's rest for the following day's adventures, but you will stay warm and you will save space and weight in your pack. Whether you are car camping or thru-hiking, a sleeping bag is certainly not something to skimp on.

In order to decide on what sleeping bag is the perfect one for you, you should know what your backpacking and camping preferences are in terms of warmth, weight and versatility. Do you camp all year long? Are you ambitious with the miles you want to cover on your trip? What type of weather do you experience on your typical outing? Depending on these questions and much more will determine the right kind of backpacking sleeping bag for you. If you are just starting out then a mummy style sleeping bag is the best all-around option.

From zero degree to ultralight sleeping bags and traditional mummy to quilted, this high-performing gear is there to help you have the best time possible. Compressible, durable and high-quality are just a few of the many ways to describe the synthetic and down sleeping bags for sale. With one of these bad boys in tow, nothing is off the table for your next epic adventure.

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