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Exped AirPillow
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$34.95 - $44.95
Exped AirPillow UL

AirPillow UL

$38.95 - $244.95
Teton Sports Mammoth Sleeping Bag Liner
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Teton Sports
Mammoth Sleeping Bag Liner

$30.00   $59.95
50% off
Eagle Creek Fast Inflate Pillow
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Eagle Creek
Fast Inflate Pillow

From $35.99   $50.00
up to 20% off
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Mummy bag liners are perfect for restless sleepers who need extra room or those blessed with a tall height. They will expand your sleeping bag giving you more room to move around in. Inflatable camping pillows, sleeping bag liners and other sleeping bag accessories give you that home away from feeling. Whether you camp in a car or a tent, they are the perfect addition to your gear to keep you healthy and happy all throughout your adventure.

About Sleeping Bag Accessories:

A good night’s sleep is a must when all-day hiking and climbing. With high-quality sleeping bag accessories such as travel pillows and sleeping bag liners, you’re bound to have a healthy and happy trip in the great outdoors. It’s easy to customize your comfort thanks to inflatable pillows and temperature regulating sleeping bag liners. Compact and lightweight, you can transport them on planes, trains, automobiles, trails and the backcountry with little to no sweat involved. With a multi-tool on hand, you will never utter the words, “I wish I had…” Multi-tools pack all the necessities into one mechanism. They are an excellent addition to any tool box, glove compartment or emergency kit. From fieldwork to camping, woodworking to climbing, you’ll always be prepared.

The best camping pillows are supportive, durable and non-bulky. Self-inflating pillows are easy to use by simply opening the valve to inflate. No huffing and puffing, or bacteria-filled pillows involved. Backpacking pillows are perfect for when you want to keep your load as light as possible. Fill them with items you have on hand such as your down jacket or dirty clothes. You don’t have to worry about air leaking out or accidentally puncturing the material. Polyester-lined pillows are moisture-wicking for warm summer nights while micro-suede provides next to skin comfort and softness. Plus, these lightweight camping and travel pillows come with their own stuff sleeves so you can quickly fold them up and get on your way.

Sleeping bag liners provide comfort and protection each time you slip into your bag. Not only do they shield you from insect bites, but they also are excellent for prolonging the life of your sleeping bag by keeping the inside clean. Insanely compact and easy to use and clean, sleeping bag liners are an investment that will provide years of return. Constructed from a variety of innovative materials, these liners are perfect for year-round use. Ripstop silk is insanely durable and breathable. It’s perfect for warm weather trips as it will keep you cool and comfortable. Fleece and thermolite liners are great for cold weather and winter camping. Plus, they can be used on their own in the summer instead of a sleeping bag. Comfortable, ergonomic construction allows you to operate with one hand giving you the freedom to hold screws or wood steady while you work. These utility knives and multi-purpose tools are built to last. Made of premium stainless steel, they refuse to quit when everything is on the line. Through them in your junk drawer, in your garage or in your backpack. You’ll never be underprepared.